Tank cleaners

Do you want to reduce downtime, production costs, detergent consumption and limit waste water?

Then Sepagrip is your partner! With these tank cleaners we set up an affordable and high-quality line within the industry worldwide.

This cleaning technology combined with thorough advice from one of our specialists results in the best and most efficient solution in the field of tank cleaning.

Systems are applicable for tanks up to a diameter of 30 meters.

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Sterile filtration

A special line of filtration systems; injects and sprays gas during production processes.

Provides 100% sterile air. Used in systems with compressed air, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases.

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Steam filtration technique

Unique system for filtration of gases, compressed air and steam.

Based on a very durable housing that lasts for decades; only the metal filters (very thin metal discs) are replaced. The environmental impact is therefore zero in relation to filter candles and other systems, where a lot of plastic ends up in the environment.

These filters are very suitable for use in the food industry and meet the highest requirements in the areas of hygiene and food safety.

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Automatic Sampling Equipment

Versatile and Unique

Taking samples that are truly representative is difficult and time-consuming in many industries.

With the introduction of this automatic computer-controlled sampling device, this is a thing of the past. This device works completely automatically and requires virtually no maintenance.

Based on settings you have configured yourself, you determine the purchase frequency and quantity, the device does the rest.

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