Hertog Jan; sterile air filtration in the beer brewery

In an interview, Gerard van den Broek, First Line Manager at the Hertog Jan brewery in Arcen The Netherlands, talks about the installation and operation of the CPM sterile filter, type PSF. He has been using these filters for many years at various places in the process.

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30st September 2020


Own repair department Sepagrip!

Until recently, repairs were mostly outsourced, but our technicians have recently received additional training to be able to repair parts cleaners themselves.

The repairs are carried out with original factory parts according to specification. The cleaner is first tested in our workshop, then dismantled and repaired if necessary.  Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can also repair equipment from other brands.

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6th juni 2018

NEW – Automatically take sterile samples

Taking samples that are really representative of a badge / quantity is difficult and time-consuming in many industries. With the introduction of the SIMPLEX 2600, an automatic and computer-controlled sampling device, this is a thing of the past.

The SIMPLEX 2600 works fully automatically and requires virtually no maintenance. Based on settings you have configured yourself, you determine the purchase frequency and quantity, the device does the rest.

Is ideal for large beer breweries and soft drink producers, where large amounts of soft drinks or beer are produced and sampling is an essential part of your production.

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