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Sterile Filtration

A unique line of systems injects and sprays gas during production processes. Provides 100% sterile air, compressed air, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases.

Steam filtration

System for filtration of gases, compressed air and steam.
Based on a very durable housing that lasts for decades, only the metal filters are replaced. The environmental impact is therefore zero in relation to filter candles and other systems where a lot of plastic ends up in the environment.
These filters are very suitable for use in the food industry and meet the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety.

  • Craddle to craddle

    At a time when companies are obliged to reduce the environmental impact, it is important to reduce the waste flow. This type of ecofilter is environmentally friendly with respect to filter candles and many other systems, often pure consumables where a lot of plastic ends up in the environment. At the filter, only the very thin metal filters are replaced, this metal is melted down and reused, so the burden on the environment is minimal.

    Many applications possible

    The ecofilter system can be used for all media, namely air, gas, steam and liquids. Depending on the medium you choose the type of ecofilter that is suitable for this. Also to be used in a sterile environment. When replacing, you replace the metal filter only; the stainless steel housing is very strong and lasts for decades. Thanks to the combination of segmented stainless steel discs with the eco-filter elements, an optimal result is achieved. The system therefore works 100% safe.
  • Unique gasinjection system

    This "dosing" system, injects and sprays gas during production processes, 100% sterile, being used in many different industries.

    Gas injection system characteristics

    Supplies 100% sterile air, compressed air, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases. disinfection unit is equipped with Ecofilter® element, consisting of a membrane between stainless steel plates filter is made of PTFE, hydrophobic (water-repellent) absolute retention of 0.2μ minimal to no bacterial growth through the use of pure materials, without binder or resin equipped with non-return valve in the form of 0.75 bar water pressure. No other substance can enter the gas pipe simultaneous CIP of the system and the gas injector possible; no time loss. Widely usable within breweries and other industries where there is fermentation, such as: fermentation of bread under the influence of CO2 fermentation of meat in salami production of yogurt; convert milk sugar into lactic acid sauerkraut production
  • Operation of filtertestsystem

    The test method on the basis of which the MK-2 works is known as the "Go / No Go" test method and offers fast and very precise results. Simulation of microorganisms is done by generating fog and smoke-like particles within the filter tester, consisting of non-toxic saturated synthetic hydrocarbons. These substances form microdroplets of 0.2 to 2.5 mu. This mist is pressurized by the integrated compressor and pressed to the filter. The fine mist particles quickly locate the smallest leaks in the filter and make them visible immediately.

    Your benefits

    • Simple method of testing, no training or specific skills are required
    • No other parts required to perform a test
    • The test can be performed in just 2 minutes, including the preparations
    • Detects immediately whether a filter is defective or not
    • Test leaves the filter element intact without damaging it
    • Proven test method, in one compact unit
    • Fast and adequate system


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