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Rotating Tank Cleaners

Do you want to reduce

  • productioncosts
  • detergent consumption
  • downtime
  • wastewater

Then Sepagrip is your cleaning partner.

With these rotating tank cleaners we set up an affordable and high-quality line within the industry.

This cleaning technology combined with thorough advice from one of our specialists results in the most efficient solution in the field of tank cleaning.

Water as lubrication

Most of the tank cleaners from our range run without bearings. A very small space between the rotating head and the bearing housing is automatically filled with water, which serves as lubrication. This means that virtually no maintenance is required and the cleaners last for years.

Do you need us for information, maintenance or repair? Then you can contact our own technical department. Click here for more information.

  • The perfect tankcleaner

    The TURBODISC is a fast rotating cleaner with excellent performance. Limited liquid consumption; both water and cleaning agent is reduced and the time required for cleaning is shortened. As soon as it has started, the liquid drives the rotor, which runs frictionless and at high speed on a "bearing of cleaning fluid". The mist is spread with great force in all areas around the tank cleaner. A spherical spray pattern is formed around the nozzle.

    Turbodisc advantages

    • quick cleaning: short downtime
    • low "flow rates": less waste water, lower waste costs
    • no ball bearings: no trappings or chip loss
    • made-to-measure: wash pattern from 180 to 360 degrees
    • best quality: meets FDA and ATEX rules
  • The perfect non-blocking tankcleaner

    • ultra hygienic design - complies with US standards FDA, USDA and 3A in the area of ​​hygiene
    • ultra low costs - considerably cheaper than static spray balls
    • anti-blocking system - this means trouble-free cleaning
    • no ball bearings - no wear, chip / splinter formation
    • minimum water consumption = less waste water
  • The perfect chemistry-resistant nozzle

    • chemically resistant - ideal in corrosive situations
    • made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) - alternative to Hastelloy
    • safe in drums with glass inner lining
    • no ball bearings - no chip / splinter formation
  • The perfect low flow and high pressure tank cleaner

    • great impact jets - cleaning is very fast
    • low flow rates - 25 - 100 liters / minute
    • unique cage protection - reduces damage and maintenance
    • wide range - 360 ° wash pattern
    • can be used anywhere - both mobile and permanent


    The FURY TWB is a strong and water-saving tank cleaner, where the nozzles oscillate by 60 °. The TWB constantly rotates around its own axis. A cage, the tank cleaner and nozzle head is well protected from damage. The TWB is especially used when a strong cleaning with a minimum consumption of cleaning medium is desired. The drive is designed to be very easy to maintain and wear, it guarentees the lowest cost and long service life. The FURY TWB is self-lubricating and is driven only by the force of the flowing cleaning medium. It has a simple drive system without high-speed turbines or gearboxes.
  • The perfect low pressure / low flow spray system

    • High speed cleaner - reduces the time required for cleaning
    • Low flow - low consumption of water and detergent
    • Low pressure system - works safely, even in closed rooms
    • Compact design - ideal for use in tanks and pipes
    • Is available in versions of 180 ° and 360 ° for optimal reach.


    The ability to operate the TORUS at low pressures and a flow rate of 8 liters is giving the Torus a great advantage for many applications. The installation is easy via a split pin attachment. In operation, the cleaning fluid brings a rotor with slots to a fast rotation, causing high-energy drops impact all areas in the tank. The TORUS consists of only 2 parts and is ideal for permanent cleaning with a strong cleaning effect. The TORUS cleans itself during operation. The sliding bearing system of the TORUS makes that the nozzles can often be used virtually wear-free for many years. The TORUS promises extraordinary service life even when used with compressed air or hot steam sterilization and high temperatures (depending on the application).  


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