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Simplex 2600 – Automatic Sampling Equipment

Automatically take samples, reliable, day in and day out

Taking samples that are truly representative is difficult and time-consuming in many industries. With the introduction of this automatic computer-controlled sampling device, this is a thing of the past. This sampling device works completely automatically and requires virtually no maintenance.

Based on settings you have configured yourself, you determine the purchase frequency and the quantity, the device does the rest.

Automatically take samples; 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

T.b.v. the regular cleaning of the device, there is a CIP (Clean In Place) connection present. This makes cleaning very simple and can happen quickly.



Sampling equipment; high quality – long service life

  • automatically take samples; in a continuous process, 24/7
  • the specially developed Bio-con system guarantees a frequent decrease during production
  • bio-con detects a percentage of 99.99% of possibly present bacteria and gives a clear picture of the entire quantity produced
  • bio-con even measures in the middle of the pipeline and therefore gives an objective picture of the total production
  • continuous sampling was never so easy

Control Simplex 2600

The control of one or more sampling devices is done with the Klockner Moller control unit, which is easy to operate. The unit is equipped with the DN6 connector, which can be connected quickly.

The standard version is suitable for one device, optional extra connections are possible.



Control unit

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