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Clipdisc Tankcleaner

The perfect non-blocking tankcleaner

  • ultra hygienic design – complies with US standards FDA, USDA and 3A in the area of ​​hygiene
  • ultra low costs – considerably cheaper than static spray balls
  • anti-blocking system – this means trouble-free cleaning
  • no ball bearings – no wear, chip / splinter formation
  • minimum water consumption = less waste water


Versatile and unique

Due to the lack of bearings in the Clipdisk tankcleaner, the bearings themselves and their environment can not become contaminated. This offers great advantages regarding hygiene standards.

The liquid comes directly onto the disc and spreads a spray of mini drops that remove the (caked) dirt at high speed. Both the tank surface and the supply line are thus optimally cleaned.


The liquid, consisting of water and a cleaning agent flows through the rotating head and nozzles. The head not only rotates hard but also alternates with different circuits, so that every part of the tank is hit.

The very powerful drops are launched at high speed and are thus able to remove even caked dirt. In a short time an optimal result is achieved and your IBC or barrel is clean again.


Applications include the food industry, dairy, beverage and pharmacy companies. For cleaning boilers, storage tanks, piping and reactors.

Technical details of the Clipdisc types 100 and 150:

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