Filter test system CPM

Operation of filtertestsystem

The test method on the basis of which the MK-2 works is known as the “Go / No Go” test method and offers fast and very precise results.

Simulation of microorganisms is done by generating fog and smoke-like particles within the filter tester, consisting of non-toxic saturated synthetic hydrocarbons. These substances form microdroplets of 0.2 to 2.5 mu.

This mist is pressurized by the integrated compressor and pressed to the filter. The fine mist particles quickly locate the smallest leaks in the filter and make them visible immediately.

Your benefits

  • Simple method of testing, no training or specific skills are required
  • No other parts required to perform a test
  • The test can be performed in just 2 minutes, including the preparations
  • Detects immediately whether a filter is defective or not
  • Test leaves the filter element intact without damaging it
  • Proven test method, in one compact unit
  • Fast and adequate system


With the MK-2-SG filtertestsystem you can easily check the functioning of the filter elements, both of recently purchased systems and conventional older filters. Removing the filters is not necessary, the test takes place in-line.

Testing is an essential part of your production if it is the production of foodstuffs, to identify and prevent decay, product loss and contamination in a timely manner.

With this filter test system you are assured of the correct functioning of your filters.

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