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FURY TWB Tankcleaner

The perfect low flow and high pressure tank cleaner

  • great impact jets – cleaning is very fast
  • low flow rates – 25 – 100 liters / minute
  • unique cage protection – reduces damage and maintenance
  • wide range – 360 ° wash pattern
  • can be used anywhere – both mobile and permanent


The FURY TWB is a strong and water-saving tank cleaner, where the nozzles oscillate by 60 °. The TWB constantly rotates around its own axis.

A cage, the tank cleaner and nozzle head is well protected from damage. The TWB is especially used when a strong cleaning with a minimum consumption of cleaning medium is desired.

The drive is designed to be very easy to maintain and wear, it guarentees the lowest cost and long service life. The FURY TWB is self-lubricating and is driven only by the force of the flowing cleaning medium. It has a simple drive system without high-speed turbines or gearboxes.


The FURY TWB is ideal if cleaning is required in a short time. In addition, due to the low flow rate, the amount of waste water is limited and therefore the costs thereof. The system is used for cleaning production boilers, storage tanks and transport containers.

The SG-FURY TWB is frequently used in sectors such as dairy, food, beverages, pharmacy, paint and logistics companies.



The pressure range for operating a Fury TWB is 5 – 25 bar at the cleaning machine.
With a flow rate of 23 – 105 liters / minute, a cleaning diameter of 8.5 – 16 meters is achieved.

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