Gas injection system

Unique gasinjection system

This “dosing” system, injects and sprays gas during production processes, 100% sterile, being used in many different industries.

Gas injection system characteristics

Supplies 100% sterile air, compressed air, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and other gases.
disinfection unit is equipped with Ecofilter® element, consisting of a membrane between stainless steel plates
filter is made of PTFE, hydrophobic (water-repellent)
absolute retention of 0.2μ
minimal to no bacterial growth through the use of pure materials, without binder or resin
equipped with non-return valve in the form of 0.75 bar water pressure. No other substance can enter the gas pipe
simultaneous CIP of the system and the gas injector possible; no time loss.
Widely usable within breweries and other industries where there is fermentation, such as:

fermentation of bread under the influence of CO2
fermentation of meat in salami
production of yogurt; convert milk sugar into lactic acid
sauerkraut production


Benefits of the gasinjection system

  • sterile filtration as gas is used in the production process
  • only the filter membrane can wear out
  • high temperatures possible, up to 140 ° C
  • no check of the non-return valve is required
  • by using the gas injection system in your processes, considerable cost savings are possible

Durable solution

  • this unit is a time-saving solution, no sterile filter and check valve needed in the “gas pipe”
  • minimum waste: only change the microfilter membrane (recyclable)
  • high degree of certainty and continuity in combination with a long service life
  • easy detection of filter operation


The gas injector is available in two versions:
– by welding the flanges; for tank and container installations
– by coupling pipes; in various sizes, with mixing tube and Varivent® connection

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