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Torus Tankcleaner

The perfect low pressure / low flow spray system

  • High speed cleaner – reduces the time required for cleaning
  • Low flow – low consumption of water and detergent
  • Low pressure system – works safely, even in closed rooms
  • Compact design – ideal for use in tanks and pipes
  • Is available in versions of 180 ° and 360 ° for optimal reach.


The ability to operate the TORUS at low pressures and a flow rate of 8 liters is giving the Torus a great advantage for many applications. The installation is easy via a split pin attachment.

In operation, the cleaning fluid brings a rotor with slots to a fast rotation, causing high-energy drops impact all areas in the tank. The TORUS consists of only 2 parts and is ideal for permanent cleaning with a strong cleaning effect. The TORUS cleans itself during operation.

The sliding bearing system of the TORUS makes that the nozzles can often be used virtually wear-free for many years. The TORUS promises extraordinary service life even when used with compressed air or hot steam sterilization and high temperatures (depending on the application).



The TORUS already works at 0.5 bar with a flow rate of 8 liters per minute,  therefore ideal because of low pressure and flow needs.

  • due to low pressure, the system can be used in sensitive areas, for example BIOHAZARD areas
  • frequently used in places where manual cleaning was done earlier, that means a lot of time
  • the TORUS is small enough to be used in a pipe
  • the complete TORUS range is large and can be customized specifically for customer when it comes to flow rate and pressure
  • is widely used in pharma, biotech, cosmetics, transporters and OEM companies.

Technical details of the Torus 100

Technische details of the Torus Peek, types 50 en 75 

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