The perfect tankcleaner

The TURBODISC is a fast rotating cleaner with excellent performance.

Limited liquid consumption; both water and cleaning agent is reduced and the time required for cleaning is shortened.

As soon as it has started, the liquid drives the rotor, which runs frictionless and at high speed on a “bearing of cleaning fluid”. The mist is spread with great force in all areas around the tank cleaner. A spherical spray pattern is formed around the nozzle.

Turbodisc advantages

  • quick cleaning: short downtime
  • low “flow rates”: less waste water, lower waste costs
  • no ball bearings: no trappings or chip loss
  • made-to-measure: wash pattern from 180 to 360 degrees
  • best quality: meets FDA and ATEX rules


The TURBODISC is versatile and unique, making it the most powerful and economical in the market. Unique design, without ball bearings with only one moving part; a rotating disc that transforms the liquid directly into fast moving mini-drops.

All in one technique, range of tank wall surface as well as supply line and dosing point so also all places where caked dirt is.

The TURBODISC has a large selection of models and is frequently used in medium-sized production boilers, dryers, reactors, granulators, storage tanks and IBCs.

Use in tanks for the food industry, biotech, pharmacy and other industries where strict hygiene requirements are set.

The TURBODISC is also available in plastic version as CHEMDISC and in a conical funnel like TURBOCW 25/75.

Technical details of the Turbodisc types 25, 75, 100 en 150:

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